Automates Code Linking

CodeLink automatically identifies and links code, commit and design elements, creating a comprehensive and connected model.


Enforced Coding Practices

CodeLink enforces coding standards and practices, ensuring code quality and consistency. 


Codebase Exploration

Navigate and explore code hierarchies, functions, and classes for in-depth understanding.



Easily navigate between related code files, functions, or classes to trace dependencies and follow code logic.


Codebase Documentation

Generate comprehensive documentation capturing relationships and dependencies within the codebase.

How CodeLink Works

Grappl seamlessly integrates into developers’ daily routines, becoming an indispensable tool that enhances their coding activities. It eliminates manual switching by allowing developers to pick up and complete tasks directly from their IDE, conveniently finding the location to start working on a task without navigating through GitHub or agile boards. With Grappl, developers can automate manual tasks, saving time and increasing productivity. Teams can utilize Grappl’s features on a weekly basis for code quality and progress tracking. Grappl naturally becomes part of developers’ day-to-day flow, revolutionising their coding experience.