Codebase Visualization

AirView provides a visual representation of the codebase and system architecture. 


High-Level System Overview

Easily navigate through a bird’s-eye view of the system, understanding its overall design and components.


Collaboration and Communication

Share code visualizations to foster collaboration and effective communication.


Design Risk Identification

Identify potential design risks and visualize them for prioritized action.


Dependency Analysis and Code Metrics

Analyze and visualize code dependencies while assessing metrics like complexity, size, and coupling. Gain valuable insights, identify issues, and optimize your code.

How AirView Works

With AirView, there’s no need for manual effort or complex setup. Simply open your workspace, and Grappl, our intelligent background process, automatically parses your codebase to construct a comprehensive model of its contents. In less than a minute, you and your teammates will have a visual representation of your code, ready to explore and analyze. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks and experience the ease and efficiency of AirView’s automated code visualization.